UrbanTrends Newsletter: Supporting Foster Youth

UrbanTrends Newsletter: Supporting Foster Youth

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Helping Foster Youth Transition to Adulthood

MEE has conducted a substantial amount of focus group research with youth of color. We have also developed and implemented education, awareness and mobilization campaigns for thousands of urban youth and low-income young adults who have experienced sustained trauma, both inside and outside of the child welfare systems designed to protect them. In this issue of UrbanTrends, we share some lessons learned and some possible ways forward in changing the life outcomes for young men and women exiting our nation's foster care system.

Young adults from foster care backgrounds have told MEE about the institutional trauma they experience -- multiple placements, lack of stability in schools and living arrangements and high turnover in their assigned social workers. Yet, every year, hundreds of thousands of foster youth color in America turn 18 and may "age out" or must make a decision about their next steps in the foster care system.

Transitioning foster youth need information and guidance in order to make smart choices about what programs and services can make their transition into independent adulthood as smooth as possible.  Without intervention and support services, along with ongoing adult involvement and guidance, children who age out of this system face uncertain futures.

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