This is My Reality: The Price of Sex

This is My Reality: The Price of Sex

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(includes DVD and report)

Video Documentary & Report

Produced in 2004, this video & report takes a hard look at Black urban youth's concept of sex. In their own words, young people from cities across the country will tell you what their lives are like on a daily basis.

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Overview of the Study

Most mainstream prevention campaigns have been a dismal failure in encouraging responsible sexual behavior with the "hip-hop" generation. Black urban youth are exposed to negative, conflicting and often destructive messages about sex and sexuality, leaving them at increased risk for STDs, HIV and pregnancy. MEE has conducted groundbreaking research to provide a better understanding of Black urban youth and their sexual health, by examining media content and consumption, and the social and environmental factors that impact their sexual decision-making.

Hear the voices of African American inner city youth, ages 16-20, in ten urban areas: Baltimore; New York City; Los Angeles/Long Beach; Oakland/Richmond; Chicago; New Orleans; Detroit; Philadelphia and Atlanta. See the results of our 2,000-sample size lifestyles and media consumption survey, along with ten expert interviews on sexual and reproductive health issues with some of the brightest minds in the country

Report Documentation

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