The MEE Community Wellness Toolkit Subscription

The MEE Community Wellness Toolkit Subscription

  • $ 124.95

(includes the Toolkit, Future Toolkit Updates and Moving Beyond Survival Mode DVD & report)

The MEE Community Wellness Toolkit is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool to help local organizations and service providers understand and be able to share important issues related to mental wellness in low-income African American communities. The Toolkit is organized to help anyone working “on the frontlines” in low-income urban communities see how issues related to mental wellness are impacting a myriad of social and public health issues.

The national focus group research that spawned this Toolkit explored what helps low-income, inner city young people thrive -- rather than merely survive. In spite of what these youth are subjected to, they exhibit resilience and strength-based behaviors to manage life's stressors and handle traumatic or violent events. The MEE Community Wellness Toolkit can help the broader community and mental health professionals equip young people with the psychological tools they need to meet today's challenges.

The Toolkit includes the following components:
• How to Use the Toolkit
• Stress and Trauma in Daily Life
• Something is Wrong: How to Recognize Signs of a Mental or Emotional Issue
• Using Oral Communications to Counter Arguments Against Mental Health Services
• What is Mental Wellness?
• Mobilizing Your Community for Better Mental Health: How to Work with CBOs
• Let’s Talk About Mental Wellness: How to Organize Community Events
• Using Creative Outlets to Talk About Tough Issues (Case Study of Youth Activity)
• What’s Your Plan: A Goal-Oriented Activity to Support Thriving (vs. Merely Surviving)
• Community Outreach Flyer Templates
• Resources for Mental Wellness

Included with your purchase of the full toolkit:

As a MEE Community Wellness Toolkit subscriber, your log-in password will give you access to special “members only” sections of the Mental Wellness Website. You will also receive a hard copy of any new versions of the toolkit components for one full year from the date of purchase.

By becoming a subscriber, you will also be eligible to renew your subscription each year at a special “Members Only” rate, so that you can keep up-to-date on the research and findings that will be added to the toolkit.

Click on the following links to see clips from Moving Beyond Survival Mode:

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