Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation

Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation

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(includes DVD, report and report update)

Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation DVD
Produced in 1993, this award-winning documentary shatters the myths that surround inner-city youth and their problems. Proposing a new model for looking at urban America’s most difficult social problems, it confronts negative perceptions and asks the viewer to consider the facts as presented by urban youth themselves. Cut to a rhythm and tempo that educates and entertains, this documentary masterfully blends rap music, Hip Hop culture, and live interviews with teens.

The MEE Report
The MEE Report finds that African American urban youth may well be the most difficult audience to reach with anti-abuse or pro-social messages. This report, the result of two years of extensive research into the lives and lifestyles of urban youth, examines hip-hop culture, the rap music phenomena, the dynamics of message assimilation, and relevant socioeconomic issues. It also explores and presents effective message strategies for dealing with the cultural and communications dynamics of urban youth. In addition, The MEE Report Update (an added bonus), examines violence, substance abuse, and sexuality among urban youth.

Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation won the AMA's 1994 International Health & Medical Film Festival Finalist Award as well as the 1993 New York Festivals Finalist Award.

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