L-Evated: The Blunt Truth

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(includes DVD, report and guide)

Produced in 1995, this powerful video uses the language and culture of urban youth in a “T.V. Show” format to de-glorify the marijuana phenomena. The overall message of the video is "Stop Using Marijuana, If You've Started; Don't Start If You Haven't; and Realize You Can Always Quit."

A youthful, urban radio DJ celebrity hosts the show from his DJ booth and speaks to young people using their language, music, and attitudes. The DJ addresses the reasons urban youth give for using marijuana while introducing different segments of the show including an original vignette, popular scenes from the movie "Friday," and interviews with youth and health experts to counter marijuana propaganda. Interspersed between the various segments is a dramatic and provocative vignette that gives an insider’s look at the paths of two best friends, Maal and Raheem.

L-Evated was the winner in the Teen Programming Category at the 1997 National Black Programming Consortium's Prized Pieces International Film and Video Competition. The award was presented by actor Danny Glover, who praised the video for its gritty and authentic style.

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