Dr. Joe White: Successfully Mastering the Journey

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Successfully Mastering the Journey presents one of the nation’s top scholars and most entertaining speakers, Dr. Joseph White, delivering an Afrocentric perspective on the barriers African American men face in fulfilling their life dreams and on what it takes to raise healthy Black males. Dr. White, a pioneering scholar often referred to as the “founding father” of Black psychology, is a renowned author and community activist and is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of California Irvine.

The 25-minute documentary captures a down-to-earth yet inspiring speech by Dr. White at a national conference. His talk examines the four major challenges facing young Black males (ages 8-25) in America. It also offers solutions for helping them to rediscover their inner strengths, by focusing on improvisation, resilience, spirituality, emotional vitality and a sense of humor.

* Sign-language interpreter included for hearing-impaired viewers.

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