Inner City Truth 3 (ICT3)

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Inner City Truth 3 (ICT3) is the third installment of a national study of youth and young adults. This 70+ page report features findings from more than 1,700 African Americans and Latinos, ages 16 to 20. Participants were from Los Angeles/Long Beach; Oakland/Richmond; Chicago; Philadelphia; and Atlanta. ICT3 insights go beyond the demographic profiles, attitudes and behaviors of youth. It also captures the “why” behind youth behavior and choices, along with highlighting trends that indicate what comes next.

Whether promoting public health services, entertainment properties or consumer goods, we all know the benefits of understanding one's target consumer. This study provides a better understanding of the worldview, aspirations and lifestyles of a typical inner-city youth. It captures information about their expectations and perceptions of K-12 education and the challenges to achievement, along with their views on interpersonal relationships. ICT3 explores where urban youth spend their time, their physical activity and nutrition habits and their usage and preferences across the full spectrum of media channels, including social media, online and wireless.

ICT3 dispels myths and shows that the lives of today's millenials of color are more complex than many assume. Anyone interested in reaching and influencing the behaviors, attitudes and spending patterns of this audience would benefit from the quality and level of detail in this report.

Click Here to view a video highlighting data from ICT3.

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