Look In My Mirror

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Young girls today are struggling more than ever to find their identity—some of them are literally killing themselves to achieve a “perfect” look. The media constantly bombards them with conflicting and often negative messages about how they should behave and what they should look like.

Dads, this book is a resource you can use to plant the seeds of positive identity and healthy self-esteem within your daughters at a very critical time in their life. This book will help you to plant seeds of love and acceptance in the heart and mind of your daughter. It can be a strong first step towards establishing a healthy, open, and loving relationship that will last for a lifetime.

And for those fathers who struggle with knowing what to say, this book can speak volumes to your daughter. I hope the moments you spend reading this book to your beautiful daughter will become a cherished memory in the unfolding of her beautiful life.

Click Here to view a video poem from Look In My Mirror author Javier Sanchez.

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